Shipping Rate Calculation

Some order mangagement systems may raise concerns when it comes to shipping syncronicity. Not with Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™. Shipping Manager is an added functionality of Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ to ensure that your order management system is compatable with every aspect of the shipping process:
  • Real-Time Shipping Rate Calculation: Shipping Manager allows you to retrieve real time rates from UPS, USPS and FedEx for calculating shipping charges that are current and consistent with the delivery provider. This allows you to avoid confusion for the customer that may be caused by out-dated or mis-matched shipping estimations.
  • Item-Based Rules: Rather than setting shipping rates across the board for items of all weights and sizes, Shipping Manager allows you to do so according to individual items. You can set flat rates for certain items, place shipping restrictions per item and have a source zip code for a particular item, which is useful when using drop-shippers or multiple warehouses.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Whether an order is placed by phone or online, customers will can receive the same shipping rates when your use Shipping Manager for your e-commerce store. There is no longer a need to set-up shipping rules and rates in two seperate locations because Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ allows you to manage all aspects of an order from one interface.
Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ makes the shipping process painless and compatible from start to finish so you no longer have to fear complex shipping situations.