Inventory Management

Managing Inventory can be tedious and limited with traditional order management systems. Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ is far from traditional. With multiple tools for updating data, Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ makes inventory management more thorough and less time-consuming.
  • Fulfillment Information Options: Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ includes a Data Maintenance Queue to regularly point out which items are missing fulfillment information. It is then up to you to choose how much of that fulfillment information is supplied. With Data Check you can opt to only supply information as an order has been placed. Or, you can also choose to populate the fulfillment information in bulk, at any time, by using built-in wizards.
  • Fulfillment Flexibility: Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ takes fulfillment options one step further by keeping the information needed to sell your products separate from the information needed to fill orders. This allows your business maximized flexibility in fulfillment.
  • Automated Product Synchronicity: Since your store products are completely separate from fulfillment information, Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ can easily sync your store products automatically. Store products can have unique prices, descriptions, or captions, and still beeasily managed.
  • Multiple Inventory Configuration: Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ allows you to have multiple inventory configurations for each product. This allows you to switch fulfillment agents easily when one drop shipper or warehouse is out of stock. Depending on availability, each product can be filled by either a warehouse or a drop shipper.
Keeping track of your products is a crucial aspect of owning and operating an online store. Make it simple with Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™.