Flexible Fulfillment

Orders provide the fuel needed to keep your online store running. If it's an obstacle for you to fulfill them, aren't you limiting the success of your business? Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ provides order management with fulfillment flexibility to make sure you're never running on empty.
  • Multiple-item orders no longer have to be tedious and difficult to handle. With Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™, products ship automatically from more than one warehouse or drop shipper.
  • Product Availability determines which location is best fit to fill an order. For this reason, Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ allows you to save time by prioritizing which place would be most successful for fulfillment.
  • Automated Drop Shipping may be the best option. If you normally stock the item but would rather have it drop ship rather than backstock, you can automate that process with Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™.