FAQ: Getting Started

What is required to integrate into Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ and begin testing?

A. Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ has an online setup wizard to walk you through the integration, but in general to get to test mode you will need the following.

  • Shipping Manager installed and set up on the store(s) you wish to integrate.
  • At least one Authorize.net account which can be obtained through Solid Cactus.
  • Create/Import the products from your Yahoo! Merchant Solutions store.

That's it! From there you can test the system and begin populating fulfillment data as needed.

Do I have to create all my store items in Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™?

A. No. Our store import will do that for you. Depending on the size of your store, this can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours. The amount of time it takes to publish your store in Yahoo is a good indicator of how long the import will take.

Can I re-import my store at any time?

A. Yes, you can choose to re-import and update your store products at any time.

Can I schedule Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ to update my products from my store?

A. Yes. You can set each store to update nightly and Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ will automatically update your store products. That means there is no need to manually upload or maintain duplicate information in Yahoo and your order management system! You can import your store and immediately begin taking phone orders and receiving Yahoo orders.

Is there additional information needed other than importing my Yahoo! Merchant Solutions store products?

A. Yes, Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ will need information about how to fulfill orders for each product, supplier information, cost of goods, inventory quantities, and at least one drop shipper or warehouse per item.

Do I have to populate the entire system with fulfillment information before I start using Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™?

A. Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ can be populated with fulfillment information as orders come in to get you using the system as quickly as possible!

Our revolutionary Missing Data Queue will allow you to see what information is required to fulfill orders that have come into the system. You can fill in the needed information once you get an order for that product.

There is no point in spending months filling out spreadsheets if the store's product is never purchased or if it delays using the system until the information is out of date. Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ simplifies data maintenance to allow you to provide "need to know" data.

What is the Missing Data Queue and how does it simplify integration and maintenance?

A. Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ has separated the data you need to receive e-commerce and phone orders from the information needed to fulfill the orders.

You can quickly get up and running to take and receive orders. Missing Data alerts you to any orders that are missing information needed to fulfill them, such as cost of goods, which drop shipper to submit the order to, etc. This allows you to deal with only items that have been sold for a quicker start into the system.

Can I set up the fulfillment information without using the Missing Data Queue?

A. Yes, we have included bulk update tools to help you assign products to the right fulfillment agent and populate needed information. In fact you can view all items that need information at any time in the system from the Data Maintenance Queue. This will give you instant visibility to items that were added to the store but not set for fulfillment in Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™. This is particularly useful in maintaining the system on an ongoing basis. You can always easily see what information is needed.

So, I can quickly integrate my store products to begin taking orders and then populate the fulfillment data either as orders or placed using the Missing Data Queue, or in bulk?

A. Yes! We recommend using the Missing Data Queue to populate information order by order as needed for start ups and stores doing less than 20 orders a day. If your volume is greater than 20 orders a day, we recommend setting up your fulfillment information while in test mode.

Is there a limitation on the amount of options I can have on items in Yahoo?

A. You can have as many option names and values as you need in Yahoo to represent your products without limitations.

What if I have options such as Gift Wrap or option values such as "Please Choose" in my Yahoo! Merchant Solutions items?

A. These types of options are considered non-inventory options that do not effect the actual product being shipped. This helps eliminate irrelevant combinations of options and minimize data maintenance as much as possible. You can omit certain option names and values when creating your combination of options in Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™.

Can I use drop shippers and warehouses?

A. Yes, you can actually have multiple drop shippers and warehouses for each item that you sell and prioritize which to fulfill from based on availability.

Can I set up Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ if I am already using Yahoo's real time link to send orders to another order management system?

A. Yes, you can. When using the integration and setup wizard you can forward the order deliveries to Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ and test it while still using your current order management system.