About Us

Shopping Carts and e-commerce stores are intended to acquire orders. What do you do once you have them? How do you keep track of your inventory? How do you split up your orders to be filled by different drop-shippers? Can you handle backorders? Are you able to customize your email notifications with your brand?

We too had these same questions, and decided to do something about it.

Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™ is a web-based order management system designed to help automate the processing of orders from an e-commerce store such as Yahoo! Small Business. It's a system based on years of experience that will allow you to:
  • Take Phone Orders
  • Process Payments
  • Manage Returns and Refunds
  • Provide Flexible Fulfillment
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Purchase and Inventory Management
You now automate all of these processes by using Cactus Complete Commerce Order Management™. As well as allowing for merchants to drop ship, inventory items, set up multiple warehouses, and process orders from multiple Yahoo stores.
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